Information Illustration,

Information Illustration

Pencil Sketches and final Watercolour concepts for Life Stories


The images I created were based on

Scott., J. M. 1975, BOADICEA ( BOUDICCA) Published by Constable and Company Ltd.

My intension from the start was to mimic the sensation of an open book in the hand whilst having the ability to perceive a double page spread.

No pieces in frames or mounted, art works to be interactively held.

I wanted to experiment in the way in which my work could be held out of the usual format that my watercolour paintings are general presented.

Some of my weaknesses are still in a learning process, especially in recognition of time constraints relating to the quantity and quality of work that I can produce. I have a far better understanding of what I can produce if all methods of production go to plan.

I am pleased with the final produced artwork. I have experimented with materials in my binding process that I would not have used before.

I have never worked to this scale and proficiency before in a range of medium on a singular project.

I am very happy overall from my first sketches to my final pieces. However I will definitely be adding further ideas to my work over the summer as I have done with most of my work.

Each of my projects have fed into one another in a personal development sense and I can already see the improvements in technique and final pieces in comparison to works I created last year.

Torso studies, Life drawing,boudica character concepts.


~ by Karmakoma on June 5, 2012.

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