Narrative and Sequence

Sketches and subsequent Watercolour paintings representative of days visit to Saint Fagans Museum.

I produced these series of images after first inspiration set to a painting from the museum. At first based on a painting by Denys Short named, ‘The Chapel And Tip’ it features children playing in a street with what seems to be a bright coloured ball.

In wanting to keep with the atmosphere, in which to me seemed to be the painters thoughts towards expressing the Welsh environment, I decided to feature the bright coloured ball in some of the illustrations that I have created. I visited the St Fagan’s museum and created several sketches based upon the environments that have been preserved and recreated at this other popular Welsh museum. 

For these concepts I varied and experimented more with my use of pallet and technique to create illustrations that I feel really work. I am very pleased with the end results.

For Sale.


~ by Karmakoma on January 16, 2012.

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