DeadMau 5 competion Entry

Noticed a competition online to design a head for the musical artist Deadmau 5 to wear whilst performing on stage, I decided to illustrate for fun off the Cuff.

I came across the competition on facebook, however I am not to certain  about these types of competitions, they seem to be more about being a popularity contest than about ones abilities. I guess it is good if you have a lot of friends on facebook. Just bug them all to vote, it seems to be just communities of artists.

Either way it was good fun to do.

Go Vote! If ya can be troubled lol.

Yet another reason why wordpress lets me down. ((if the address string is too long and it drops the hypertext down after the <a,))
The link doesn’t work :/ Meh! please copy and paste into your browser, Thanks. 😀

Vote here :-
See what I eman ..Fail wordpress.


~ by Karmakoma on July 12, 2011.

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