Pizza Metaphors..

Is your thinking on this subject, “Deep pan” or “Thin crust”.

Received a brief asking me to illustrate prophecies, I decided to illustrate  the ideas of re-occurring prophecies of natural disasters, our choices to keep rebuilding within these effected areas on our planet and our attitudes towards them. This was in the wake of the disaster of the Tsunami in Japan and remembering that of  boxing day in 2004. Hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes and various other weather elemental disasters.

I wanted to push my understanding with this project in my chosen medium and the message I wanted to portray. However I got swept up in the former and failed to make the response to the brief as effective as I could have.

On the positive side I learnt a lot about controlling dip pen ink and getting it to blend and work effectively with watercolour. I am especially pleased with the final result on the volcano and the desired effects were reached in my depiction of the sea.
Researched used and looked into by artists included De vinci’s Deluge and various other pieces.

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~ by Karmakoma on May 29, 2011.

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