Moving image research.

Final Moving Image video.


With The confidence that I have gained in many ways during this moving image project, I intend to continue to explore this media and where I am able, relate to it in as many assignments as possible.

I am extremely happy to be able to use the time I have to great effect to produce stronger and stronger illustrations, opening newer opportunities for possible working methods for my work after I have graduated.

I am pretty excited by the prospect of what this could mean and help produce.

For a few years now I have been keeping myself up to date in areas I’d like to experiment within. 3d and Moving Image presses a certain amount of buttons for me.

Broadening my abilities to illustrate myself and my ideas.

First incursion into Maya.First sequence recording complete. Better music needed and more editing to be done.

Images Firstly Created in Mudbox, Exported to Photoshop CS5 and various formats produced.


I wanted to start off with an idea for a character. Character ideas generally have never really been a strong point for me. Having grown up with a skin condition as a child I have always shy’d away from using clay and have grown, I think to dislike the creation of work in this medium.

Mudbox as an assistance to my character creation has been essential to understand scale, shape and contours of figure work.

Alot of my life drawing lack details to faces and where I can, I tend to avoid the subject altogether. The sculpting that I have undertaking whilst creating characters in Mudbox has reawakened a want and a new understanding to producing portrait work.

At a Winter BBQ, we burnt a house mates “Old” wooden model, used for figure referencing. I wanted to take this idea further and used the subject as a bust and a flowing link through my moving Image research and production of ideas.

At first, once we had made our minds up to souly use computer programmes to experiment and make our ideas moving images, for both of us this was and still is an exciting new direction in which we both sought knowledge to improve our abilities to illustrate our work.

To accomplish some type of a moving image meant throwing ourselves and time into specific computer programmes. For Me it was Maya, Mudbox and 3d Stuido Max.

Mudbox and Maya were featured in the moving image final version that we presented, however spending time in the other programmes, learning how to import and export as well as render images in this form of medium and media holds quite a large interest for me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Courtesy of Ted.

Attemped a quick search story on youtube.


~ by Karmakoma on December 22, 2010.

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